change Baytech RPC MAC address

Why any manufacturer would not burn a MAC address into an interface is beyond me. There are many of these RPC-3 units around that all have the same MAC address ( 00:C0:48:00:56:CE ), because they weren’t set at the factory. To set them:

1) log in on console
2) select 3 for Configuration
3) type in an up carat ^
4) hit enter
5) enter the serial number of the unit (i.e. 02314798 not 02314798-00 )
6) hit enter, enter
7) accept changes Y
8) unit resets and uses the new MAC address

Because the serial numbers should be unique, the MACs will also be unique. This decimal serial number 02314798 translates to this hexadecimal number 23522E, and it’s used to form the last 6 digits of the MAC making the final address 00:C0:48:23:52:2E. They must have set all of them using the fake serial number 00022222 at the factory for some reason.