mount iso file in linux

I had to copy the contents of a .iso file. It’s easy to mount it and see what’s in the iso.

# mkdir /mnt/iso
# mount -o loop VMware-VMvisor-Installer-5.1.0-799733.x86_64.iso /mnt/iso
# cd /mnt/disk
# ls
a.b00         ata_pata.v05  boot.cfg      ima_qla4.v00  isolinux.bin  misc_dri.v00  net_e100.v01  net_r816.v00  ohci_usb.v00  sata_sat.v02  scsi_bnx.v00  scsi_meg.v01  scsi_qla.v01  upgrade                  xlibs.v00
ata_pata.v00  ata_pata.v06  chardevs.b00  imgdb.tgz     isolinux.cfg  net_be2n.v00  net_enic.v00  net_r816.v01  safeboot.c32  sata_sat.v03  scsi_fni.v00  scsi_meg.v02  scsi_rst.v00  user.b00                 xorg.v00
ata_pata.v01  ata_pata.v07  efi           imgpayld.tgz  k.b00         net_bnx2.v00  net_forc.v00  net_s2io.v00  sata_ahc.v00  sata_sat.v04  scsi_hps.v00  scsi_mpt.v00  s.v00         useropts.gz
ata_pata.v02  b.b00         efiboot.img   ipmi_ipm.v00  mboot.c32     net_bnx2.v01  net_igb.v00   net_sky2.v00  sata_ata.v00  scsi_aac.v00  scsi_ips.v00  scsi_mpt.v01  tboot.b00     vmware-esx-base-osl.txt
ata_pata.v03  block_cc.v00  ehci_ehc.v00  ipmi_ipm.v01  menu.c32      net_cnic.v00  net_ixgb.v00  net_tg3.v00   sata_sat.v00  scsi_adp.v00  scsi_lpf.v00  scsi_mpt.v02  tools.t00     vmware-esx-base-readme
ata_pata.v04      esx_dvfi.v00  ipmi_ipm.v02  misc_cni.v00  net_e100.v00  net_nx_n.v00  net_vmxn.v00  sata_sat.v01  scsi_aic.v00  scsi_meg.v00  scsi_qla.v00  uhci_usb.v00  weaselin.t00

Now the contents of /mnt/disk appear as if you had burned the .iso and put it in the CD drive.