find duplicate entry in sql dump

Recently, I tried to import a SQL dump created by mysqldump that somehow had a duplicate entry for a primary key. Here’s a sample of the contents:

INSERT INTO `table1` VALUES ('B97bKm',71029594,3,NULL,NULL,'2013-01-22 09:25:39'),('dZfUHQ',804776,1,NULL,NULL,'2012-09-05 16:15:23'),('hWkGsz',70198487,0,NULL,NULL,'2013-01-05 10:55:36'),('n6366s',69480146,1,NULL,NULL,'2012-
12-18 03:27:45'),('tBP6Ug',65100805,1,NULL,NULL,'2012-08-29 21:32:39'),('yfpewZ',18724906,0,NULL,NULL,'2013-03-31 17:12:58'),('UNz5qp',8392940,2,NULL,NULL,'2012-11-28 02:00:00'),('9WVpVV',71181566,0,NULL,NULL,'2013-01-25 06:15:03'),('kEP
Qu5',64972980,9,NULL,NULL,'2012-09-01 06:00:36')

It goes on for another 270,000 entries. I was able to find the duplicate value like this:

# cat /tmp/table1.sql | grep INSERT | sed -e 's/),/\n/g' | sed -e 's/VALUES /\n/' | grep -v INSERT | awk -F, '{print $2}' | sort | uniq -c | awk '{if($1>1) print;}'
    2 64590015

The primary key value 64590015 had 2 entries. I removed the spurious entry, and subsequently the SQL imported fine.

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