generate vol create commands for migrating volumes to new aggr

Anyone who has done a lot of migrations has some snippets jotted down to help streamline the process. On a filer with many volumes you can use this to generate the create commands for destination volumes on a new aggregate.

# for i in `ssh filer01 "vol status" | awk '/raid_dp/ {print $1}' | grep -v Volume | grep -v Warning | grep -v _new`; do j=`ssh filer01 "vol size $i" | grep 'has size' | sed -e "s/'//g" -e "s/\.//g"`; k=`echo $j | awk '{print "vol create "$5"_new newaggr "$NF}'`; echo $k ; done;
vol create vol12_new newaggr 10g
vol create vol13_new newaggr 70g
vol create vol14_new newaggr 1600g

If you trust your hackery enough, you might even send the commands over to actually create the vols…

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