NetApp show disk firmware progress

During disk firmware upgrades, you may wonder how long it’s taking or how it’s moving along. Use this one liner to count how many disks have the old and new firmware versions:

# ssh toaster "sysconfig -a" | grep NA0 | awk '{ if (/NA06/)i++; if (/NA01/)j++; } END{ print "NA01: "j" NA06: "i}'
NA01: 133 NA06: 91

So it’s moving along.

One thought on “NetApp show disk firmware progress

  1. # ssh toaster “priv set diag; disk_list” 2>/dev/null | grep X306 | awk ‘!_[$6]++’ | awk ‘{ if(/NA08/) j++;} END { print “Total: “NR” NA08: “j” Other: “NR-j}’
    Total: 117 NA08: 47 Other: 70

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