Vyatta monitor and log NAT translation

Logging to record NAT translations. This might be helpful for finding users using bit torrent (along with tshark), or for watching what IPs are connecting to what external services, and when.

while true; do d=`date +%Y%m%d%H%M`; show nat translations detail | grep -v Pre-NAT | paste - - | sort -nk1 >nats.$d.log; sleep 5m; done;
# tail -1 nats.201408261250.log
a.a.a.a:21845    z.z.z.z:443     b.b.b.b:21845       z.z.z.z:443         tcp: snat: a.a.a.a ==> b.b.b.b  timeout: 42 use: 1 

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