hot reconfigure haproxy without restart

If you don’t want to loose all of your current connections, you need to get haproxy to reload the new configuration without stopping and starting.

# haproxy -f /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg -p /var/run/ -sf $(cat /var/run/

The -sf flag is for a soft reset.

6 thoughts on “hot reconfigure haproxy without restart

  1. Does this works for long running tcp connections i read -sf wait for connection to complete and then reset, when if connection is a long running tcp connection hot http calls

  2. Thank you for your keeping this post current. At the time of this writing (over 4 years ago) this functionality was not available in the haproxy init script that shipped with debian.

  3. This does not work and you can test it with ab to prove it. With a concurrence of 10 you will a reset from the LB

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